31 October 2008

Drawing Machine - Part 4

We’ve worked more on the atheistic appearance of our drawing machine and also used more robust and reliable motors.

Our last task will be to decide on how the machine will make marks. We currently have various ideas but want test them out first and see which works best and that we agree on as a team.


29 October 2008

Drawing Day

On the 21st Oct we had Drawing Day
I completed a series of 30 A3 drawings using a variety of media. All the drawings had a title (eg draw a self portrait eating a catus!) given at the start and were done under varying time limits.

I have begun to turn my 30 A3 drawings into 4 identical A5 books. I had the A3 pictures colour photocopied and resized to A5, costing a pricey £54! I have now laminated all the A5 copies along with A5 descriptions of each drawing, which will appear opposite the drawings inside the books.

To finish my 4 books I still need to decide how I'm gong to bind them and also make front and back covers.

28 October 2008

Drawing Machine - First Marks Made!

Drawing Machine - Part 3

Yesterday we managed to have something that actually made marks on paper! Unfortunatley we didn't have all of our group together so there are various aspects we still want to perfect and fine tune! By taking apart the casing of hand held fans we had to motors which we then attached to the wheels we had made.

We attached sponges to the wheels that were then dipped in paint as the machine moved accross the page marks were made. We are hoping to have a variety of colours and marks as we work towards finishing the machine.

14 October 2008

Drawing Machine - Part Two

Team Ink Tank is born!!
Working in a group we have combined our initial ideas and new ones to develop a more sophisticated machine. At the moment we’ve concentrated heavily on the mechanisms of our design to ensure it moves in an interesting way, incorporating sound activation will be a big challenge but would add an exciting element to the way in which marks are made. We hope to work on the appearance of the machine and the quality of the marks it produces later in the week.

Drawing Machine - Part One

These are my initial ideas for a Drawing Machine. I begun by brainstorming simple words I thought of that related to something that could move and make marks!

8 October 2008

Pay to Play

Yesterday we were given the challenge to create an imaginative piece of art using a pound coin/s. I chose to make mini scenes representing proverbs which include the word 'pound'.