14 December 2010

Smile for London - self initiated project

My animation ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU__FZ2o72Y
There are some elements of the animation I would like to tweak, I am aware it needs to run smoother and I would like there to be a sense of timing in terms of the typography. 
I believe I'll be able to achieve a better quality finish using After Effects (rather than Flash) .... so my aim over the next few weeks is to get to grips with the software to create a smoother animation.

Altered Book Project

I finally chose to make my book into a peepshow. I wanted to maintain the original appearance of the book's exterior. Using the pages from inside I cut into photographs to create the images in the peep show and doubled up text pages to form the peepshows structure.

6 December 2010

Smile For London

The last scene of my animation involves people dancing, I've been experimenting with animation dance cycle. Because of the style and length of my animation I'm not going to draw hundreds and hundreds of frames but instead repeat between 5-8 different drawings.

3 December 2010

Music Banner

My third banner inspired by Ghost Riders In The Sky
I used watercolour, oil pastels and soft pencils

Altered Book

I initially considered creating some form of a pop up and then moved on to the idea of paper peep shows which would tie nicely to the era of my book. Since discussing my ideas on Thursday I am moving forward by looking at early cinema and camera experiences. I am looking into creating some form of moving image and perhaps turning the book into a zoetrope

1 December 2010

Smile for London

Stop Motion developments ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS259hryhdw

However, after after working on my copy I felt that the stop motion element of my animation was not working and bringing the two sections together (stop motion and copy) the animation would be very busy and difficult to follow on a cross platform projection. Also the resolution and quality of the moving image would not be good enough either.

I have decided to rewrite my storyboard and I will create my animation in Flash - this way I have more control over colour and general editing.

My animation so far ...

23 November 2010

Altered Book Project

Some bits and bobs I've been thinking about...
Using tracing paper to layer the images

As mentioned before I want to work with the books contents so I'm am interested in expanding or developing the scenes in photographs and illustrations

Pop ups

Smile For London

I have decided that part of my animation will be stop motion. Over the last week I have been getting together all the software and equipment I will need. 

The animation will be made from my own paper cut outs

Here is the first scene ...

Music Banner

Another banner inspired by listening to Ghost Rider in the Sky

16 November 2010

Smile for London - self initiated project

Through my research and work my theme or basis for the animation is 'Positive Propaganda' - the basic idea is influencing people's attitude in what I believe to be a positive way.
Initially I looked at the artwork used in Russian Cold War posters and WW2 British posters to see if there was anything to be inspired by ....

I started off with some really basic compositions simple shapes and a bold 'blocky' appearance mimicking some of the styles I had seen in Russian poster art.
Some more bits and pieces ....
I also experimented with making each part of an image out of separate shapes with torn edges similar to Russian and Cuban street art and posters

14 November 2010

Altered Book Project

The book I have chosen for the Altered Book project is The Art of Skating. It's a beautiful little book and was published in 1913 - so very old!

Because the book is so beautiful and has such a precious feel to it I am conscious that I don't want to be too destructive. I would like to work 'for' the book rather than the book working 'for' me.

I am considering approaching the project with a quite literal response to the book so I have begun sketching people ice skating to get a feel of the movement involved.


Out of a selection of random words I chose 'Devil' to inspire drawings related to the word


See No Evil

Woman Possessed

Speak of the Devil

12 November 2010

One Day Project

Listening to a piece of music just once we were asked to produce a banner inspired by our own personal reactions to the audio. 

My banner is inspired by Ghost Riders in the Sky - Ned Sublette

1000 Drawings

3 November 2010

Self Initiated Project

For this project I've combined my own brief with a design competition that involved advertising on Underground digital platform advertising.

My project
We love London - It’s a breathtaking city overflowing with creative talent from all corners of the globe. The mission is to bring creativity to the weary commuters on the London Underground, reminding them how great it is to be a Londoner. 
The Brief - Create a 20 second piece of animation and/or moving image for the digital platform or escalator screens with the ultimate aim of inspiring, exciting or amusing Londoners. Keep the message positive, inoffensive and remember commuters are looking for an escape from their tube journey.

This week I'll be focusing on commuter research, the ways in which Underground advertising is used and brainstorming the concept.

2 November 2010

1000 Drawings

21 October 2010

Web Design Project

During my critic two major points came up; the navibar that appears at the bottom of every page - is it needed or should it be represented in a similar way links to pages are on the home page and including my name else where on the site to make it more personal and about me.The suggestions are really useful and I will definitely be taking them into account during this week before the project deadline.
Here are some screen shots from my website in progress....