28 April 2009

50's Ads and Design

To improve my Retropops box design and advert I have listed things I would like to change.

The box needs to be bolder/brighter and have a clearer logo, I am also going to play around with the layout. It was suggested in class that perhaps my advert could be black and white so I'm going to experiment with that, also re shooting some parts and getting the audio as best I can!

I want to zone in on the 1950s as a way of focusing on what elements of my design I want to change such a type. There are some great retro and 50s adverts on YouTube which will also be useful with research and redesign.

The 1950's ads that I've looked at are all black and white so there's a strong possibility mine will be too!

23 April 2009

Box Design

I used a pre-designed net of a cuboid to mock up two mini boxes. The majority of cereal boxes are similar shape however there are a few which have slight variations.

At the moment I'm sticking with a basic box design but I may look at changing that later on. I like this alternative design by Jordans.

19 April 2009


I’ve chosen to call my cereal Retropops. The people I asked liked the name best and it was also my personal favourite. The slogan that I want to appear in my ad and on the box is ‘Retropops, I do it daily’, I thought it was slightly cheeky and refers to the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be eaten everyday.

I’ve made three variations of the collage-like picture I want to appear on my cereal box. I put text into one just to give an idea of what will be written. All the images contain roughly the same layout; a breakfast table, chairs and a framed picture on the wall. My favourite is the one with the pink flocked background because it’s very bright and I think it would stand out on a shop shelf. The images of models that appear on two of the collages are from a pin-ups calendar I had, which, I thought worked well with the retro theme. However I think it would be nice to have the same lady appear in the advert as well as on the box and therefore I will need my own model.

16 April 2009

Retro Stuff

Many cereal boxes include images of the food inside (serving suggestions), as I’m not creating an actual food product I want to make a kitchen/ dining scene – this will relate to food but not actually picture it.

I’ve made a collage of retro household objects and furniture that I can use to put together a kitchen/dining scene. I’ve also taken photos of flooring throughout my house and collected retro patterns for backgrounds.

15 April 2009

Cereal Box - Fonts and Colours

Some ideas for my retro themed cereal product.

I've been playing around with names, I want to get friends and family to pick their favourites.

I've made a collection of retro imagery to help in creating my cereal box. Using magazines, photos and internet images I hope to collage together a kitchen or dining room scene from a retro house for the front of the box. I want it to be really fun, fresh and bright and also a bit cheesy!

13 April 2009

Cereal Project - Bits of Ideas!

I've been thinking about how I will put together the image that appears on my cereal box and I've decided to use collage. I've done some research into artists that use collage to create images. I was particulary impressed by those that used a wide variety of materials such as ribbon, food, newspaper etc. By creating collages with photos, drawings, text.... I can then scan them and play around with colour, tones and contrast.
Some of my first atempts
( I also want to keep in mind making an advert that will have a clear link to the appearance of my box)

These are a couple of my first ideas, I used scanned in patterns, pictures and an online image bank to create the scenes - just playing around with colours, text positioning and general layout.

At the moment I'm leaning towards doing a retro themed cereal brand, I believe it could be trendy and also fun and light hearted. I also need to look into what goes onto a cereal box food description, health benefits, weight etc so my box can be as authentic as possible!

Cereal Project - Museum Visit and Ideas

Visiting the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising was really fascinating. I was surprised at how many of the brands were still around today.
I paid a lot of attention to the cereal packaging in particular. The evolution of well known cereals such as cornflakes, Shreddies and Frosties made me very aware of the different types of image and information that are presented to you on a cereal box – I could pick out things that the designers had added, taken away or kept on the box for decades.

I have been brainstorming and playing around with some initial ideas for the cereal project. Looking at packaging and the image that surround most of the popular cereals I have decided that I would like to create something that was part of a lifestyle or trend perhaps. My two main ideas at the moment are

1. A fashion conscious cereal, something that would look good, cool but also have comedic feel to it
2. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day – a cereal that makes the meal into an occasion. A lovely dining experience, but at breakfast possibly the idea that families and/or friends get together at breakfast to spend time together and have a meal.

3 April 2009

Cereal Project

I was really excited when we got the brief for the Cereal Box Project as I used to have a bit of an obsession with cereal and it was nearly all I ate when I was younger! I've got a small collection of my favourite boxes that I thought were unusual or not available in the UK.

Postcard Project - Mini Mail Masterpieces

During the first week of the Postcard Project I experimented with posting some unusual formats of post. Midget postcards are a novelty card sized 90mm x 70mm. My own 'Stamp Sized Postcard' failed to make it through the post however I liked the idea of creating something smaller than what is usually expected.

I decided to create my own Mini Mail Masterpieces, making mini canvases with a postcard size and format. I believe the canvases are fun and have a novelty element any image could be printed onto the canvas however I chose to put some of my previous work onto my set of postcards.