13 April 2009

Cereal Project - Bits of Ideas!

I've been thinking about how I will put together the image that appears on my cereal box and I've decided to use collage. I've done some research into artists that use collage to create images. I was particulary impressed by those that used a wide variety of materials such as ribbon, food, newspaper etc. By creating collages with photos, drawings, text.... I can then scan them and play around with colour, tones and contrast.
Some of my first atempts
( I also want to keep in mind making an advert that will have a clear link to the appearance of my box)

These are a couple of my first ideas, I used scanned in patterns, pictures and an online image bank to create the scenes - just playing around with colours, text positioning and general layout.

At the moment I'm leaning towards doing a retro themed cereal brand, I believe it could be trendy and also fun and light hearted. I also need to look into what goes onto a cereal box food description, health benefits, weight etc so my box can be as authentic as possible!

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