24 March 2009

Postcard Project

I wanted to try a variety of materials for some initial ideas.

I used papier mache to make a relief of the Tate Modern. My other trial was a beaded mosaic of the Vienna tube line.

Postcard Project

Only got two of my posting experiement postcards back! I want to continue with the idea of unusual postings.

14 March 2009

The brief for the Wish You Were Here project is to create a set of 6 postcards.

I've begun by researching and thinking of some topics/ ideas related to the postcard such as:
Materials and texture (linen, wood, card, metallic, glossy embossed, applique....)
Shape (traditional 5x7in, novelty, round, square, 3D, midget...)
Use/ Purpose (advertising, aesthetic, communication)

I've been interested by many of the novelty and non-standard types of postcards so I made some unconventional types of post to see what if any come back to me.

Matchbox Art

Continuing with a surrealist theme the brief for the matchbox project was to create a surreal self portrait within a matchbox.
The matchbox is quite restricted in terms of size but I enjoyed working within it's confines!

Some quick searches on Google returned some amazing examples of matchbox art. With wonderful and weird creations. I thought these matchbox shrines were great.

I had two main ideas for my own matchbox art. The first was to write a mini bio within the bow and the second to create a narnia-like world through a matchbox warbrode with myself as a moon. I chose the second idea to work with.

6 March 2009

Typographic Surrealism Project

My finished film
Changes have been made from the film in the previous post. The opening sequence, running through the alley no longer has the count down superimposed over the film. Instead the scene was re shot with actual printed numbers placed in the alley.