13 December 2009

Ideologies Project

I've begun to get together my own photography to include in my poster. I wanted to keep the same richness of colour seen in Hindu images of Goddesses. Here is me, the Goddess of consumerism!

12 December 2009

Ideologies Project

I've been playing around with a few more layouts, re-arranging text and re-positioning images.....

I've replaced the diamonds with birds similar to those in my original sketches. The 'Russian like' font is called Kremlin (light reference to Russian propaganda posters), in the last image I also used Helvetica and Garamond.

8 December 2009

Ideologies Project

I've been researching a lot of Hindu art work. Many depictions of their Gods and Goddesses are very ornate and colourful. I think elements of these posters would be great in inspiring my poster design for pro free market and consumerism. 

The central image of my poster will be the 'Consumer Goddess'. The Hindu Goddess Kali (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali) has many arms, I'm going to pinch this idea so that my own Goddess and hold many purchases! 

Work in progress.........

I've experimented with layout, the elements I would like to include and colour. I used water colours to paint the images above, however I'm not sure if they are bold enough to create the effect I'm after.

Christmas Cards

I thought I'd have a go a making some of my own Christmas cards this year. I made this one from a variety of patterns and images cut out from magazines (Rodchenko inspired!) to make a collage, I think I'll work on an purely hand illustrated design next.

5 December 2009

Ideologies Project

The brief for this project is to create a campaign from a list of ideologies given in the project outline.

I've previously studied the free market and am aware of its advantages as well as it's many downfalls. My initial instinct was to design a poster/ campaign against the free market and consumerism, highlighting it's negative effect on people across the world. However my tutor, Tim, had mentioned, when explaining the brief, that as designers at some point you may have to communicate a message, for a client, that is not part of your beliefs. Therefore I've chosen to be pro free market and consumerism. I want to design something I like visually and hopefully works/ meets the brief and yet is not something I personally would want to be promoted.