21 October 2010

Web Design Project

During my critic two major points came up; the navibar that appears at the bottom of every page - is it needed or should it be represented in a similar way links to pages are on the home page and including my name else where on the site to make it more personal and about me.The suggestions are really useful and I will definitely be taking them into account during this week before the project deadline.
Here are some screen shots from my website in progress....

Information Graphics

Really interesting site...

16 October 2010

Museum Collections 1000 Drawings

This week I have been working with oil pastels...

Web Design Project

For this project I have to build a website from scratch that represents me; an online CV, portfolio - full of things that make me or i find interesting.
I've decided to call my website 'where are my wings' (wherearemywings.co.uk). The idea behind it is that learning or trying something new is like finding a pair of wings and learning to fly - so we should always be on the lookout for new things and new wings.

I've wanted to learn more about web design and building sites for some time and this project has given me the perfect opportunity. I initially wanted to make my website in Dreamweaver, I have books and watched lots of tutorials. Although I am beginning to get to grips with the software in order to concentrate on the design and aesthetic of my site I may use a software called Freeway instead - a web design software that's a lot more user friendly!

Initial design layouts etc...

Some websites that caught my eye: