25 January 2012


Visit my new website chiyedza.com

1 November 2011

Mr Grey Cloud - Logo Design

Moving Image - Life Clubs

Moving image commission for Life Clubs

31 August 2011

My First Sleeping Beauty

"The globally renowned English National Ballet is inviting artists to get creative and design the visual identity for ‘My First Sleeping Beauty’, the first in a series of classic ballets for children. The selected artwork will be displayed at the world premiere of ‘My First Sleeping Beauty’ in April 2012 and on marketing and promotional materials in the United Kingdom"

My inspiration for this design came from my own memories of hearing the story as a young child. I wanted to create something that was from a distance, perhaps, a simple image but on closer inspection shows intricate and delicate details. My Sleeping Beauty features elements of the story within her dress and hair and also in a heart surrounding the princess - representing her dreams and thoughts whilst she slept; the Handsome Prince waits in her heart. The flowers surrounding the heart represent the overgrown environment that surrounded the castle. 

23 August 2011

The Bookmark Collectors Society

A project brief I was given by The Bigger Idea ...

"The Bookmark Collectors Society (BCS)* meets up once per month, and since it started over 50 years ago, its membership numbers have gradually declined. The monthly meetings have become a little dull and predictable, and the society leaders are worried by the number of members dropping out, and by the lack of new members they are able to attract ... Your job is to attract new members to the BCS at the societies fair, and to completely revamp the monthly meetings so that members not only stop dropping out, but actually recommend it to their friends. We want you to use your creative thinking to turn the society on its head and make it THE society that everyone is talking about, and wants to be a member of"

Snippets of my proposal ...

I'm Sorry I Forgot You

My entry for the Fiction Project. Chosen theme 'I'm Sorry I Forgot You'


14 August 2011

The Wave EP

Finished album cover design...

5 August 2011

The Wave EP

I've been asked to design a CD sleeve for two artist James Pyke and Richie Fargas. I'm excited about the job as it's something totally different to what I'm used to. They supplied the photography and I am currently in the process of adding text.

2 August 2011

East London Fashion Map

Myself and a colleague are currently working on a project under Red Studio. Our brief is to create an interactive online fashion map of east London. We are roughly about one month into the project.
Our concept is to create something that feels personal and can grow organically. We wanted to the website to appear as someone's own note/sketch book in which they had collected and recorded East London gems and hotspots.

28 July 2011

Rise Art

You can also follow me and my work at RiseArt (http://www.riseart.com/user/h52dcp) 

17 July 2011

CV and Portfolio Design

Some current layouts of my CV and portfolio. I wanted the deign to be neat, neutral and simple as not to distract from my work and also allow a variety of work to be shown.

15 July 2011


I spent the last few weeks designing and creating my professional portfolio.
The design is an illustration from my book London Life Travels which I adapted to be suitable for laser cutting. I then spray painting the wood and attached hinges. The portfolio sleeves are kept in place with bolts (which I need to change to gold!).


The last month has been absolutely mad busy with first Freerange and the New Designers. Both were a fantastic experience and a celebration of the last four years!

23 May 2011

18 May 2011

Business Card Design

I have decided to use the artwork from my FMP animation to design my business cards. I wanted the design for these and my website to have the same aesthetic...

Where Are My Wings - Redesign

Redesign of my website...

Animate My Mind - FMP

My finished book (not all pages are shown) ...

London Life travels FMP

My finished book (not all pages are shown)...