29 March 2011

Animate My Mind FMP


Animation developments and some artwork in progress...

28 March 2011

Research and Inspiration

Ben The Illustrator - www.bentheillustrator.com
 "Ben the Illustrator has a unique style. He combines his inspiration with the energy of edgier contemporary music, and we begin to see the emergence of a new urban hybrid style which may define the visual expression of today"

As an illustrator I think you have to work particularly hard at understanding and following trends in design. I love the way Ben has been able to use his skills as an illustrator and digital artist to apply his work to commercial jobs such as his designs for Westfield's shopping centres.

13 March 2011

London Life travels FMP

Playing around with drawings I've been collecting over the last few months whilst observing people on London Transport.

After talking through my work during a crit it was suggested that my images would lend themselves well to an animation. This is something I definitely want to explore as it would bring a new dimension to my work. As I was already collecting audio clips from London Transport as part of my research it ties in quite nicely as I could use these to create a soundtrack to an animation.

I am going to spend the next week or so working on a storyboard. At the moment I think I will be aiming to make a 20-30second piece.

Animate My Mind FMP

Animation developments...

9 March 2011

Animate My Mind FMP

I've spent the last week working on the artwork for my animation, now that I'm coming to a more finalised version of my storyboard I've been able to begin working on certain scenes in detail.

5 March 2011

RBS logo design

Altered Book Exhibition

Animate My Mind FMP

Initial workings on my animation...


I put this short video together to give a basic example of the style and look of my animation. I have created a basis for my storyboard so the next week will be spent adding detail, expanding scenes and then I can begin creating all the artwork I will need.

Red Studio Alumni Event Signage