23 November 2008

Photography Project - Ideas

For the two week photography project I have also explored the brief about finding the alphabet in the environment, whilst taking photos when out and about I was really interested in the shapes and forms fond in pylons. I tried to find various letters within their structure.

2 Week Photography Project

The story sequence (using a disposable camera) was my chosen idea for the photography project. I based my story on Little Red Riding Hood, using a mixture of sets and dolls I created and the real world for close ups and some backgrounds. I put my story together in a book form which resembles a photo album. In hindsight I think i should have either put more of a twist on the story (from the original) or created my own story sequence. Using a disposable camera meant that I was using the first shot I took -no editing! Because of this some images are blurred or cropped in a way that I had little control over.

18 November 2008

One Day Photography Project

For the One Day photography project I chose the second brief 'Alone with Everybody'. I begun by finding a copy of the poem, I fond reading through the poem brought more meaning to the title and helped me to feel more creative. I went to Canary Wharf at lunchtime, it was very busy with groups of people generally swarming in one direction (towards specific restaurants, toilets etc)..... these represented the 'everybody' people being viewed as a collective or one unit. Unaware of these people's thoughts and emotions my alone aspect of the photo featured one individual singled out, standing next to a clock fixed in time whilst everybody moves at a different pace.

11 November 2008

Photography Project

For the Photography Project I going to do some research and initial ideas for two of the outlined projects to get started.

I'm interested in the Restrictive Photographic Narrative, I've been looking through children's books as they are often able to tell a story with visual images

The project involves using a disposable camera, they normally have 27 exposures so I've been working on story boards with 27 frames. At present I've only worked on well known fairy tales so over the next few day I want to possibly create some of my own!

Alphabet in the Environment is the other project I'm going to look at, so far I've just taken a few shots of interesting shapes I've seen whilst out and about that resemble letters

5 November 2008

Drawing Machine -The Final Show!

Yesterday our drawing machine gave its performance in front of the class! Overall we were very pleased with the result. We had spent the day perfecting its mark making abilities, we wanted to keep it interesting so we used a combination of pastels, ink and paint. It was very messy but the Team Ink Tank machine made marks and all the motors worked really well. An improvement would have been for the machine to be radio controlled as our remote ontrol was linked by wires and did become slightly entangled!

3 November 2008

Drawing Day - My Books

Finished my A5 books. All laminated, ring bound and with front and back covers!!