13 December 2009

Ideologies Project

I've begun to get together my own photography to include in my poster. I wanted to keep the same richness of colour seen in Hindu images of Goddesses. Here is me, the Goddess of consumerism!

12 December 2009

Ideologies Project

I've been playing around with a few more layouts, re-arranging text and re-positioning images.....

I've replaced the diamonds with birds similar to those in my original sketches. The 'Russian like' font is called Kremlin (light reference to Russian propaganda posters), in the last image I also used Helvetica and Garamond.

8 December 2009

Ideologies Project

I've been researching a lot of Hindu art work. Many depictions of their Gods and Goddesses are very ornate and colourful. I think elements of these posters would be great in inspiring my poster design for pro free market and consumerism. 

The central image of my poster will be the 'Consumer Goddess'. The Hindu Goddess Kali (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali) has many arms, I'm going to pinch this idea so that my own Goddess and hold many purchases! 

Work in progress.........

I've experimented with layout, the elements I would like to include and colour. I used water colours to paint the images above, however I'm not sure if they are bold enough to create the effect I'm after.

Christmas Cards

I thought I'd have a go a making some of my own Christmas cards this year. I made this one from a variety of patterns and images cut out from magazines (Rodchenko inspired!) to make a collage, I think I'll work on an purely hand illustrated design next.

5 December 2009

Ideologies Project

The brief for this project is to create a campaign from a list of ideologies given in the project outline.

I've previously studied the free market and am aware of its advantages as well as it's many downfalls. My initial instinct was to design a poster/ campaign against the free market and consumerism, highlighting it's negative effect on people across the world. However my tutor, Tim, had mentioned, when explaining the brief, that as designers at some point you may have to communicate a message, for a client, that is not part of your beliefs. Therefore I've chosen to be pro free market and consumerism. I want to design something I like visually and hopefully works/ meets the brief and yet is not something I personally would want to be promoted.

24 November 2009

Recipe Book Project

I continued using Letraset on glasses for the recipe project. I used tall glasses for main courses and smaller ones for cocktails. I definitely think this idea could be pushed forward in many ways. The cocktail glasses had a lot of interest, but perhaps each glass should contain the whole recipe instead of spread over two/ three glasses so that people at parties etc could make their own drink. There could also be measures on the actual glass?


Although not great photography! The glasses can be tricky to read from a distance, I picked them purposely because of the lines that went around (making it easier to get the lettering straight) however it has in some ways backfired!

Small Ads Project

In order to combine all of the work I had done on the ads I decided to create a layout similar to ads in a newspaper and of roughly the same size.

I think the 'cube' shape ads work well in this format, I would like to try a page of similar shapes.

11 November 2009

Small Ads Project

Few more bits of work for my small ads project.
I experimented with shapes and a bit of colour as my previous designs were black and white.

7 November 2009

Small Ads Project

I wanted to see how my hand drawn designs would look done on a computer. I've changed some elements but kept layouts etc the same. I also played around with a few other ideas.

Small Ads!

'How could you turn these messages into an Opera Oratorio of great typographic importance'

I'm really enjoying this typography project. I've worked with a selection of Trade and Private Ads we were given and got stuck in taking the words apart, changing lettering and mixing up layouts. 
I begun by working on graph paper and only by hand. The paper is great for constructing layouts and type. Working by hand made me pay a lot more attention to the formation of letters and their positioning on a page. 

The Recipe Book Project

I'm continuing with the 'recipe cups' idea. I've experimented with Letraset on on glasses. I think it looks clean cut and quite sleek. I want to play around with lights, possibly, under the glasses to see if there is any decent projections of the recipe onto a kitchen surface.

4 November 2009

Favourite typography of the week!

1 November 2009

The Recipe Book Project

Redesigning the recipe book! 
After getting the brief for this project I checked out all my recipe books (most unused) at home. Although many had good layouts, beautiful pictures and easy to read lots of people just don't use them... so perhaps its the book format which isn't working.

I begun thinking about how recipes could be incorporated into kitchens so they were just as part of the kitchen as pans, spoons and cups. 
My first idea was to create kitchen tiles that had recipes printed on, however I soon realised this idea had many floors as you would end up with set recipes fixed to your wall. So I've started looking at objects that can be stored and changed easily that could have recipes on. 

20 October 2009

I've been experimenting with putting my design onto products that are found in Starbucks stores. I didn't want to stick with the square main logo I've designed but instead use its key elements - coffee stain and type in different layouts.

Re Brand Project - Chosen Branding

This is my final logo design. Originally I wanted to create the design onto a paper napkin but after many failed attempts I decided against the idea! 
I lost the pink background that featured in my previous designs as I thought it was too rich. I wanted something fresh and lighter than the current branding colour schemes at Starbucks. 
I used Helvetica for 'Starbucks' it is quite similar to the sans serif type they use at present but I think it worked best after playing around with others. The 'coffee' is handwritten font called Violation. 

I also want to design napkins, cup sleeves and possibly a uniform that are part of my branding design. 
Researching paper cups and cup sleeves I found some interesting designs and ideas.


Re Brand Project - The Logo

More logo variations and designs....
The layout of the bottom three (font, positioning etc) will be my final design however I'm still unsure about the colour scheme so I want to experiment with that a bit more.

18 October 2009

14 October 2009

Re Brand Project

Work in progress.......

I have been looking at colours, imagery and general ideas associated with coffee and in particular coffee drinking shops. I've checked out shops like Starbucks such as Costa and Nero, they all offer pretty similar products and services and personally the same 'style' of design and branding - deep/ dark colours, limited colour palette and plain sans serif fonts.

7 October 2009

Re Brand Project

I made a list of brands and companies that I use and see regularly.
Tesco and Starbucks were two that took my interest. It would be challenging task as they are both very well known brands that have spent years developing brand identity corporate id etc.

Tesco uses the colours red, white and blue for their main logo and advertising, with the slogan 'every little helps' often featured underneath, in a hand written type. The font used for 'TESCO' was create by Dalton Mag it is exclusive to Tesco (created in house) it appears in bold and is very similar to the font New Text. The logo is unique, has impact but remains relatively simple.

The Starbucks logo was interesting to research, I found a clear timelime that illustrated the brands development to the logo they have today. The current logo uses the colours black, white and bottle green. The women that appears on the logo is a two tailed siren. The type used is freight Sans Black.

After further research I decided to chose Starbucks for the re-brand project. I thought it could potentially be more exciting than Tesco, although I don't dislike the current branding I do think it could be pushed in a new fresh direction.

15 August 2009

Summer 2009

Some of my favourite typography I've seen whilst travelling this summer

Taros Bar - Essouira Morocco

Moroccan Postcard

Hotel Amister - Barcelona

Steers (fast food chain) - South Africa

5 June 2009

Innocent Smoothies

During the week I got to visit Innocent Smoothies, Fruit Towers, in London with Tash (http://tashcarter.wordpress.com/). It was an amazing working environment, their whole philosophy of sustainability, purity and working ethically and responsibly throughout communities was really evident around the office

Of course we were mainly interested to see their design team! They had a small group of graphic designers working on new packaging and redesigning current ones. Innocent packaging is different from many other drink bottles and cartons, as well as getting across necessary information ingredients etc, they incorporate their ideals and beliefs into the design with little stories and anecdotes along side product information and logos.
I was really surprised that within the offices they had everyone from PR, designers, taste testers and smoothie creators!  

We also got free smoothies which was great!

16 May 2009


For my final box design I kept the plain pink background and changed the font back to the original type. I'm still not sure if the patterned background from my first box would have been better however when printed it wasn't as clear as I would have like it. I was also unable to have my box printed onto a card similar to cereal boxes, so I made a card board net and printed onto A4 sticker labels which I then transferred onto card.

I have really enjoyed the cereal project. I think it was really beneficial to have a project with a long time to work on. I had the opportunity to reevaluate my designs and pick at what I would change and realise what did and didn't work. I still want to get by box printed professionally to have a more sleek finish.

15 May 2009

Goal Cards - Paul Arden Project

For my completed goal cards I decided to make a set of four that went together in an origami wallet. They consisted of a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly set of cards.

13 May 2009


My advert for Retropops.....

11 May 2009

Visited Magma today, brilliant art book store! They also have a shop nearby that sells a range of unique gifts and gadgets.

10 May 2009

Paul Arden - Goal Cards

I am going to make wallet sized 'goal cards' inspired by Ardens book, Whatever you think, think the opposite. I begun making minimal black cards with a white rectangular goal shape in the middle.

They were really simiular to the page in the book, so I'm playing around with different layouts colours etc. At the moment i like the idea of a pack containing 4 or 5 cards (differently coloured) that people could separate short to long term goals.

8 May 2009

Paul Arden Project

I have thoroughly researched the work of Paul Arden, I was surprised at how many well known advertising campaigns he had been responsible for, one of my favourite being "the car in front is a Toyota".

I initially came up with a few ideas based on my Paul Arden brief. 
Reading his book "Whatever you think, think the opposite", the page that really stood out to me was the goal posts ( everybody should have one of these). I think it would be really interesting to bring this idea to as many people as possible, making sure people constantly kept in mind their personal goals ( long or short term). 

My second idea was to create a story/ timeline of a day in the life of brands Arden had worked for eg: wake up to Anchor butter on toast, read the Independent, drive a Toyota etc.

Retropops - Development

I redesigned my box to see if changes to font, colour and layout would improve my box design. I had a mixed reaction from classmates on which elements they preferred. I have decided to create a combination of the two using positive elements of both to have a finished design.

I have added audio to my advert and changed parts of it to a sepia tone. Again some people preferred the original colour version to the new one. However I think I will keep it as it is! I will post it on YouTube and soon as I have my final box design (I need it as the end shot).