7 October 2009

Re Brand Project

I made a list of brands and companies that I use and see regularly.
Tesco and Starbucks were two that took my interest. It would be challenging task as they are both very well known brands that have spent years developing brand identity corporate id etc.

Tesco uses the colours red, white and blue for their main logo and advertising, with the slogan 'every little helps' often featured underneath, in a hand written type. The font used for 'TESCO' was create by Dalton Mag it is exclusive to Tesco (created in house) it appears in bold and is very similar to the font New Text. The logo is unique, has impact but remains relatively simple.

The Starbucks logo was interesting to research, I found a clear timelime that illustrated the brands development to the logo they have today. The current logo uses the colours black, white and bottle green. The women that appears on the logo is a two tailed siren. The type used is freight Sans Black.

After further research I decided to chose Starbucks for the re-brand project. I thought it could potentially be more exciting than Tesco, although I don't dislike the current branding I do think it could be pushed in a new fresh direction.

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