16 May 2009


For my final box design I kept the plain pink background and changed the font back to the original type. I'm still not sure if the patterned background from my first box would have been better however when printed it wasn't as clear as I would have like it. I was also unable to have my box printed onto a card similar to cereal boxes, so I made a card board net and printed onto A4 sticker labels which I then transferred onto card.

I have really enjoyed the cereal project. I think it was really beneficial to have a project with a long time to work on. I had the opportunity to reevaluate my designs and pick at what I would change and realise what did and didn't work. I still want to get by box printed professionally to have a more sleek finish.

15 May 2009

Goal Cards - Paul Arden Project

For my completed goal cards I decided to make a set of four that went together in an origami wallet. They consisted of a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly set of cards.

13 May 2009


My advert for Retropops.....

11 May 2009

Visited Magma today, brilliant art book store! They also have a shop nearby that sells a range of unique gifts and gadgets.

10 May 2009

Paul Arden - Goal Cards

I am going to make wallet sized 'goal cards' inspired by Ardens book, Whatever you think, think the opposite. I begun making minimal black cards with a white rectangular goal shape in the middle.

They were really simiular to the page in the book, so I'm playing around with different layouts colours etc. At the moment i like the idea of a pack containing 4 or 5 cards (differently coloured) that people could separate short to long term goals.

8 May 2009

Paul Arden Project

I have thoroughly researched the work of Paul Arden, I was surprised at how many well known advertising campaigns he had been responsible for, one of my favourite being "the car in front is a Toyota".

I initially came up with a few ideas based on my Paul Arden brief. 
Reading his book "Whatever you think, think the opposite", the page that really stood out to me was the goal posts ( everybody should have one of these). I think it would be really interesting to bring this idea to as many people as possible, making sure people constantly kept in mind their personal goals ( long or short term). 

My second idea was to create a story/ timeline of a day in the life of brands Arden had worked for eg: wake up to Anchor butter on toast, read the Independent, drive a Toyota etc.

Retropops - Development

I redesigned my box to see if changes to font, colour and layout would improve my box design. I had a mixed reaction from classmates on which elements they preferred. I have decided to create a combination of the two using positive elements of both to have a finished design.

I have added audio to my advert and changed parts of it to a sepia tone. Again some people preferred the original colour version to the new one. However I think I will keep it as it is! I will post it on YouTube and soon as I have my final box design (I need it as the end shot).

1 May 2009

Paul Arden

Quick Notes
Paul Arden has written three successful books: Whatever you think think the opposite, Its not how good you are its how good you want to be and God explained in a taxi ride. He has been described as an advertising guru.

Paul Arden famously worked for British Airways, Anchor Butter, Toyota, Ryvita, Nivea, Fuji among many other well known brands.

Saatchi first took on the Silk Cut account in 1983 and Paul Arden introduced the famous cut silk concept. Following the example of Benson & Hedges, no copyline was used, just a still life photographic image in the brand's signature purple.