28 July 2011

Rise Art

You can also follow me and my work at RiseArt (http://www.riseart.com/user/h52dcp) 

17 July 2011

CV and Portfolio Design

Some current layouts of my CV and portfolio. I wanted the deign to be neat, neutral and simple as not to distract from my work and also allow a variety of work to be shown.

15 July 2011


I spent the last few weeks designing and creating my professional portfolio.
The design is an illustration from my book London Life Travels which I adapted to be suitable for laser cutting. I then spray painting the wood and attached hinges. The portfolio sleeves are kept in place with bolts (which I need to change to gold!).


The last month has been absolutely mad busy with first Freerange and the New Designers. Both were a fantastic experience and a celebration of the last four years!