31 August 2011

My First Sleeping Beauty

"The globally renowned English National Ballet is inviting artists to get creative and design the visual identity for ‘My First Sleeping Beauty’, the first in a series of classic ballets for children. The selected artwork will be displayed at the world premiere of ‘My First Sleeping Beauty’ in April 2012 and on marketing and promotional materials in the United Kingdom"

My inspiration for this design came from my own memories of hearing the story as a young child. I wanted to create something that was from a distance, perhaps, a simple image but on closer inspection shows intricate and delicate details. My Sleeping Beauty features elements of the story within her dress and hair and also in a heart surrounding the princess - representing her dreams and thoughts whilst she slept; the Handsome Prince waits in her heart. The flowers surrounding the heart represent the overgrown environment that surrounded the castle. 

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