19 April 2009


I’ve chosen to call my cereal Retropops. The people I asked liked the name best and it was also my personal favourite. The slogan that I want to appear in my ad and on the box is ‘Retropops, I do it daily’, I thought it was slightly cheeky and refers to the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be eaten everyday.

I’ve made three variations of the collage-like picture I want to appear on my cereal box. I put text into one just to give an idea of what will be written. All the images contain roughly the same layout; a breakfast table, chairs and a framed picture on the wall. My favourite is the one with the pink flocked background because it’s very bright and I think it would stand out on a shop shelf. The images of models that appear on two of the collages are from a pin-ups calendar I had, which, I thought worked well with the retro theme. However I think it would be nice to have the same lady appear in the advert as well as on the box and therefore I will need my own model.

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rapaz motim said...

i like your work :)