13 April 2009

Cereal Project - Museum Visit and Ideas

Visiting the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising was really fascinating. I was surprised at how many of the brands were still around today.
I paid a lot of attention to the cereal packaging in particular. The evolution of well known cereals such as cornflakes, Shreddies and Frosties made me very aware of the different types of image and information that are presented to you on a cereal box – I could pick out things that the designers had added, taken away or kept on the box for decades.

I have been brainstorming and playing around with some initial ideas for the cereal project. Looking at packaging and the image that surround most of the popular cereals I have decided that I would like to create something that was part of a lifestyle or trend perhaps. My two main ideas at the moment are

1. A fashion conscious cereal, something that would look good, cool but also have comedic feel to it
2. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day – a cereal that makes the meal into an occasion. A lovely dining experience, but at breakfast possibly the idea that families and/or friends get together at breakfast to spend time together and have a meal.


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