1 December 2008

Excuses Project

I've decided to carry on with the coca-cola related excuse. The lettering used by coke it among the most famous across the world. This means I don't actually have to use the words coca-cola in my excuse for it to be eye-catching and make sense.
I wanted to play around with my chose of excuse to find a more interesting sentence.

I've chosen the excuse - Couldn't Do It ... Was Having A Sugar Rush
I am now working on recreating the typography used in order to do my own sentence. The letters appear in - Coca-Cola, Light and Diet. So I've been using these to piece together an alphabet. For the letters that don't appear I want to take signature parts of the coke lettering such as the loops in the 'O', the terminals and the gradient of the stem. Reading through books on type I've picked up some key parts of a letter to study when creating a font.

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