17 February 2009

Surrealist Typography

In class I watched Eraserhead and Helvetica for the first time. Eraserhead was an amazing film full of surrealist and abstract ideas. Despite feeling a little lost by the storyline I enjoyed watching it. I have a real interest in typography and it was inspiring to see the passion people had for the typeface in the Helvetica documentary.
After watching Eraserhead for a second time I concentrated on certain parts I found intriguing. I love the way in which David Lynch put lots of detail into every scene, as a viewer I almost felt part of another person's thoughts.
I have decided to follow the second of the two briefs - to make a 1 minute surrealist typographic film - as I haven't used film in a project before and I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a go.
I'm going to begin the 3 week project by re-watching both of the films, doing further research on typography and movie making software.

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