21 February 2010

12 Book Project

The Brief:
Compile a list of 12 books that have influenced you and your work. Present these as a piece of Graphic Design. These do not have to all be directly connected to Graphic Design.

I was excited about starting this project as I think books that stay with you after you read them are very special. It was hard to choose 12 specifically but I hope the ones I have picked cover a broad range of subjects and possibly are a representation of part of me.

I initially thought of creating a top twelve chart poster with a magazine style layout. However I changed my mind because I thought this is a perfect opportunity to to make my own book. I want the book to be simple and minimal. I was originally going to use the original artwork of the books I had chosen but instead I have illustrated them myself in order for my own book to be more personal.

Some of my illustrations...

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