16 February 2010

The Audience Project

I have decided to create, for my Daily Mail audience, a complaint letter writing kit. 
Reading the paper I came across several common themes; anti immigration, 'broken Britain', society falling apart and many horror stories often related to a family receiving shocking amounts of YOUR money in benefits. The journalism is highly biased and generally right wing. 

There is a section in the paper for readers to write in. I got the impression that many who do so are severely effected by the papers common themes and are certain they have more intelligence and ideas than the current government - which may be true?

So..... I will enable their complaining by providing the perfect kit. It will include help for letter writing (structure, wording etc), tips for getting a desired response and a dictionary of politically correct words/ terms to avoid getting into trouble.

My kit needs to be packaged in some kind of box. I've researched several options......

I like the idea of the kit being bought as a present in a compact neat box. 

I looked at various gift packaging but the one I like the idea of most was something that was given to me - chocolates. 

I think the type of chocolate boxes pictured on the left would be ideal for what I want.

Because I have decided to work with the shape of a chocolate box and intend the contents to be a gift idea I initially thought that the outer design should reflect this and adopt common chocolate packaging themes such as deep colours: browns and golds and calligraphy script. However because I want it to appeal to people that feel very strongly about particular issues and problems I felt the box should reflect a more serious tone. I began looking at design that has, perhaps, a more practical than visual purpose such as..........

At the moment I'm drawn to prescription medicine boxes. The drugs contained are intended to fix a problem which relates nicely to the ideas behind my complaint letter writing kit!

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