11 February 2010

The Audience Project

This project is about targeting a particular group of people, aiming to appeal to them by a creative piece of design that meets their desires, interests or attitudes. We have been given a list of groups to chose from including; Polish Roofer, Angry Man, Karaoke Divorcee and many more!

The two that caught my eye were 'Take a Break Receptionist' and 'Daily Mail Fern Britton'. My initial thoughts were to create a receptionist survival kit including essentials for a stereotypical receptionist, such a spare tights, calorie counter, 5-in-1 make up tools. However, for purely research reasons, I picked up a Daily Mail and after being informed of Britain's break down due to knife carrying immigrants, NHS doctors waiting to kill me and the threat of Muslims taking over I decided this wasn't an opportunity to be missed!

So through 'blending irony with information' I hope to create a piece of constructed graphics that has a practical value to the 'Daily Mail Fern Brittons'.


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