21 January 2011

Museum of Childhood

I went to see 'A Sense of Place' exhibition at the Museum of Childhood. I was interested in seeing the work because a lot of it was inspired by cultural context of urban and rural environments which ties in with some of the themes I want to explore in my personal project. 

Taran Ghosh has created a toy theatre called the London Project...

The work of Tapan Das 'Rickshaws - 'Journey from Dhaka to Bethnal Green' - were of particular interest to me because he created a narrative through his paintings. Again journeys and narrative are something I will be exploring a great deal this year. His canvases are beautiful, bright and hopeful. 

Thurle Wright uses books and other sources of typography to create extraordinary pieces. Her work would have been great inspiration for the altered book project! But it also made me consider alternative ways in which typography can be incorporated into a piece of work.

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