12 January 2011

White Cube - Hoxton Square

White Cube is currently holding an exhibition of work by Rachel Kneebone - 'exhibition of new work by Rachel Kneebone. Over the last few years, Kneebone has created a unique space in contemporary art with her expressive and delicately worked porcelain sculptures'

The exhibition is called Lamentations and the sculptures are all expressions the trauma of death, loss and grief. I found the actual craftsmanship of the porcelain sculptures so delicate, intricate and enchanting that they really drew me in to want to study every detail. Looking at each of the pieces individually they  made me consider emotions such as pain, human destruction and helplessness. I found the sculptures disturbing - not in the sense that I disliked the work but because they were beautiful objects craft wise and then the actual subjects were so distressing.

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