25 January 2011

White Cube - Mason's Yard

This week I went to White Cube to see the Gilbert and George exhibition. I first became aware of their work a few years ago when I went to see one of their collections at the Tate Modern. I was particularly interested in The Urethra Postcard Art pieces as I have been working alongside a company for the the last few months on a website that encourages people to make and send in their own postcards (My Best Thing Today).

I am becoming increasingly interested in the techniques, methods and imagery artists use to examine emotions and human interaction with society. I am starting to explore my own desire to communicate more complex feelings that I perhaps find difficult to put into words.
There is a lot of intensity in this collection of work that really drew me in. I also have a personal love of art that is small and contained - a canvas that a postcard provides perfectly.

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